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ADIVA is different. Adiva provides the urban commuter with all the benefits of a modern 'maxi scooter' such as fuel economy, ease of parking and freedom from traffic jams but with the benefit of weather protection. The lightweight, folding roof combined with an oversize screen give the rider outstanding weather protection. The Advia is often confused for the BMW C1 however the Adiva concept is to offer weather protection whilst still retaining traditioanl scooter handling, where as the BMW C1 with the heavy safety structure and high centre of gravity rides very differently.

Practicality and rider comfort are core to the Adiva scooter design; the roof folds away allowing the rider to enjoy the freedom of a normal scooter in warmer weather but is easily replaced should conditions change. The spacious boot offers unparalleled levels of storage meaning Adiva can become part of your life, allowing you freedom in town in all weather and traffic conditions.

Adiva is available in 2 engine sizes, 125cc suitable for provisional license holders 200cc for full license holders. Adiva engines are proven four stroke single cylinder Piaggio engines, ideally suited to the Adiva scooter application due to their strong performance, low fuel consumption and low emissions.
Adiva is designed and built in Italy by the Adiva Corporation. The company was formed in 1996 and the 1st generation Adiva models were produced in 1999 in partnership with Benelli. The models available today are the 2nd generation of Adiva scooter, built by Adiva themselves and offer far superior performance and rider comfort. Harry Nash, now UK Distributor for the new Adiva models, have been firm supporters of the Adiva concept since the early days with Benelli and have more experience than any other company in the UK of these unique vehicles.
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